Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Miltos Sahtouris (1919-2005) -- Greek surrealist poet

Mark Dragoumis has written an article for the Athens News on surrealist poet Μίλτος Σαχτούρης -- Miltos Sahtouris (or Sachtouris) who died earlier this year.

Mark begins:

MILTOS SACHTOURIS (1919-2005), a Greek surrealist poet obsessed with the darker side of life (and death), passed away on March 17 at the ripe old age of 86. In his four-line depiction of his own end entitled The Poet (translated by David Connolly) he wrote:

When they find me on the cross of my death
the sky around will have reddened far beyond
there'll be a suspicion of sea
and, from above, in a now terrifying darkness
a white bird will recite my songs.

Further reading:
1. Information at Poetry International
2. Translations of this poetry


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