Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And in other book news...

...the EU accused of cooking the books (again) according to The Times.

And Greece (what, only Greece?) was singled out for criticism, where olive farmers claimed for trees that don’t exist, goat farmers claim for goats that don’t exist, and official inspectors fabricate inspections.

One Greek farmer claimed subsidies for 239 sheep lost to wolves and disease, but was unable to explain how he managed to keep his flock the same size without restocking it.


Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Oh dear, all that they feared with the EU bureaucratic set-up and more. I guess there shall be an increase in this sort of thing in days to come. But this sort of overarching subsidy-granting and monitoring system is ripe for abuse.

11:21 pm  
Blogger kathryn said...

Indeed, it is. Hiya, Thalassa! :-)

9:48 am  

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