Friday, November 18, 2005

OTE the Net Ogre

Not only do Greeks have the most expensive internet access in Europe, but OTE (phone company that owns the phone lines) was set to increase connection charges by "75 percent during the day and 500 percent for those wishing to surf at night", we were informed a few days ago.

Basically the company wanted to gently push dialup users to ADSL (not to mention bring in the income to fund its voluntary redundancies), but ADSL isn't available everywhere and not available for me so my partner wrote an email to OTE. Seems all of Greece protested including politicians and the Greek Quality of Life Consumer Union (EKPOIZO), and the decision has been frozen.

The Greek Union of Internet Users is still wearing black. The icon below says "Cheap Internet Now".


Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Apparently OTE is woefully overstaffed, and is having a tough time streamlining operations. But that sort of hike is just absurd and solves nothing.

Is the Greek government moving towards privatizing telecom?

12:06 am  

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