Monday, February 13, 2006

More on Nikos Kazantzakis Quote of the Day No. 3

[Clarification of previous quote]

Well, Panos found the source of the quote. It appears in Kazantzakis's Travels to Japan and China. I've only got a Greek copy in front of me - have no idea if it has been translated into English - and Kazantzakis is on his way to Kyoto, expectant, and contemplative on the joys of travel. The quote comes at the end of a paragraph that discusses the "thrill-of-the-chase" element to travel, on the one hand, and on the other hand, says that travel is like wine - you drink and your can't imagine what dramas will appear in your head. Of course, he says, when travelling you always find what is already within you. Without really wanting to, he says, from the countless impressions that arrest your eyes, you always chose those that respond to your own needs and to the curiosity of your soul. Objective truth, he suggests, exists on photo booths and in souls that gaze at the world without emotion, without a connection. *And here we are getting close to the leadup to today's quote* Whoever aches and loves conspires in secret with the landscape he sees, with the peole he meets, and the events he choses to witness. *And now the quote of the day* That is why, every good traveller creates the country in which he travels.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These words of Kazantzakis makes me remember the travelling that Martin Heidegger did in Greece, expecting to see an Ancient Greece that was in nowhere but in his own mind. The Greece that Heidegger seen seems to be the Greece that I do expect to see one day. Even though the Greece I expect to see is only in my dreams. Oh, what a beautiful and eternal Greece! Congratulations for your blog. Kisses from Brasil (Brazil).

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