Friday, February 10, 2006

Nikos Kazantzakis Quote of the Day No. 1

Leading up to the great man's birthday on February 18 thought I'd spend the next few days reading up on him. I'll post a quote a day, kicking off with his most famous one. One that appears on t-shirts in the tourist stores in Plaka.

I expect nothing. I fear no one. I am free.

- Nikos Kazantzakis

Of course, Nikos, I think, struggled to achieve this sense of freedom. He really really wanted to be recognised for his work. He chased after that Nobel prize, he wanted it desperately. But I think he did always struggle to overcome himself, his humanity, to release. I struggle with this. Is it possible to achieve?

Nikos Dimou, a prominent Greek thinker who recently started his own blog, has been contemplating the proximity of death and the desire for more life, more interaction, more more more. Having spent an entire life learning, reading, meeting people, how can one easily give it all up?

Is it possible to live fully and yet not expect more life and not fear the end of life?


Anonymous Ahile said...

This is my favourite quote.The definition of freedom explained so simple.

2:56 pm  
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