Thursday, November 25, 2004

Presentation of theatre books at the Book Gallery of Athens

The Culture Guide notes the presentation of three theatre books, written by Iosif Vivilakis, at the Book Gallery of Athens...

Iosif Vivilakis is assistant professor at the Theatre Studies Department of the University of Athens. The first two books, "Theatre representation in Byzantium and West" (Publication House of Goulandris-Horn Foundation) and "For the sanctuary and drama. Theatrologist approaches" examine the relation of Byzantine and Western Theatre and the relation between theatre and religion. The third one is a play written by Moliere "Les Fourberies de Scapin," known in English as "Scapin", translated into Greek by Fotis Kontoglou. Vivilakis is the editor of the book.

The Book Gallery of Athens

"The Book Gallery was founded in June 1996 by the Society of Education. Its founding was an effort to create a new type cultural centre in Athens, focused on books that would inspire people and bring them closer to literature and poetry."


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