Friday, March 11, 2005

QUIZ ANSWER: Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen died in May, 1906, and on June 6, 1906, Kostis Palamas wrote an "Ode on the death of Ibsen" (if that title is correct in the English, I haven't found a copy of the poem. Anyone?).

According to the Greek newspaper Ta Nea (whose source is a book by Nikiforos Papandreou, called Ibsen in Greece; Νικηφόρος Παπανδρέου, ο Ίψεν στην Ελλάδα, Εκδ. Κέδρος, 1983) the poem is a dialogue between the poet and his muse. And at one point the famous dramatourg, Ibsen, speaks:

«...κι εγώ είμαι απ' την Ελλάδα. K' εγώ είμαι από το αίμα των Αισχύλων»

[...I, too, am from Greece. I, too, am of the blood of Aeschylus.]



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