Saturday, March 26, 2005

Gizoogling Cavafy

This is wrong, I know it is. But I can't help it. Everyone is gizoogling and I had the wicked idea of Gizoogling the Cavafy poems I posted here the other day.

Sorry. This is wrong. But I can't help it.

Translations thanks to Gizoogle


One monotizzles day is followed
by anotha monotizzles identical day like old skool shit. The sippin' wizzill happen, they will happen again --
the same moments find us n leave us.

A month passes n hustla in anotha month.
One easily guesses tha com'n events;
they is tha perpetratin' ones of yesterday.
And tha morrow ends up not resembl'n a morrow anymore.

The Nizzy Table

He must be barely twenty-two years old-
yet Im certain jizzust `bout that long ago
I enjoyed tha very same body.

It isnt erotic rappa at all.
And I came into tha casino only a few minutes ago,
so I aint had time ta driznink vizzle much.
I enjoyed thiznat very same body.

And if I dont rememba where, this one lapse of memory doesnt mizzle a th'n.

There, now tizzle hes sippin' dizzay at tha nizzy table,
I recognize every motion he makes -and killa his clothes
I see again tha limbs that I loved, naked.

At tha cafe door

sum-m Sum-m they said beside me
made me look toward tha cafe door,
and i saw that lovely body W-H-to-tha-izzich seemed
as though eros in his mastery had fashioned it,
joyfully shap'n its well-formed weed-smokin' its tizzle build,
shap'n its face tenderly,
and leav'n, witta touch of tha rappa particizzles impression on tha brow, tha eyes, tha lips.


Anonymous Wendy said...

The Nizzy Table!! You're onto something here. I'm going to gizoogle some of Shakespeare's sonnets.

1:03 am  
Blogger kathryn said...

Ha! How'd you go with Shakespeare?

10:02 am  

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