Friday, March 25, 2005

Greek authors online: Part I

Some websites belonging to Greek authors:

[I'm quoting from the websites themselves]

1. Nikos Dimou

"Born 1935, Athens, Greece. Graduated from Athens College, (a Greek-American school) 1954. Parallel studies in Athens of French language and literature. 1954-1960 studied Philosophy (major), Psychology and English Literature (minors), in Munich, Germany (Munich University). Published his doctor's thesis (on philosophical scepticism) in Greece, 25 years later."

"Although he thinks his most important task is writing books, he has also worked in the media for over twenty years. He was a columnist for the Sunday editions of leading Greek dailies (“To Vima”, “Kathimerini”, “Eleutherotypia”, “Ethnos”) and magazines. He was also the first Greek writer to host television talk-shows on literary and ideological issues (“Dialogues” 1987, “Adventures in Ideas” 1992). He also created radio programmes. He has received two journalism awards: the Ipectsi prize (for Greek-Turkish friendship) and the Botsis award. For his overall literary and philosophical work he also received the “Mitropoulos” medal."

"He was the first Greek writer to create a personal site in 1997."

2. Vangelis Raptopoulos

"Vangelis Raptopoulos was born in Athens in 1959, where he studied education and journalism. From 1980 to 1981 he lived in Sweden, and in 1984 spent a half-year in the United States on an International Writing Program scholarship."

He's published lots and lots of (fabulously good) books.

2. George Zarkadakis

"George Zarkadakis is regarded as one of the most innovative young Greek novelists. Born in Athens in 1964, he studied Systems Engineering at City University, London, where he received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the age of 24. Since then he has followed up his research by applying AI techniques in Data Mining and Medical Informatics. For the past two years he has been developing a research framework at Athens University for consciousness studies and is writing a relevant book on mind dynamics (Noetics).

His first novel "The Secrets of the Lands Without" was published in 1994 and created a sensation for its originality. Its daring style of writing enjoyed much critical acclaim. Concurrently to its publication the novel was released on the World Wide Web, becoming the "first Greek novel on the Internet"."


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